July 29, 2021
  • 3:25 pm The Pastor Who Burried My Husband Has Been Sleeping With Me.
  • 5:34 pm How Long Should I Mourn My Husband Before I Start Dating Again?
  • 6:34 pm Kith Central Announces Launch In Nigeria, Pledges To Empower 30 Million Nigerians By 2022
  • 6:40 pm I Just Caught A STD. Now My Wife Wants Us To Make Love. What Do I Do Now?
  • 1:39 am I Don’t Love My Wife Anymore, Am In Love With Her Best Friend
  • 1:20 am Am In Love With My Pastor, But I Am Happily Married

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      It’s been three months since I buried my loving husband and I have moved on with life making quiet a number of painful adjustments.

      My Husband’s best friend who also happened to be his best man at our wedding has helped me through this painful phase of my life.

      But the thing is I have feelings for him and we both confessed our affections for eachother recently. But it’s just three months since I lost my husband and his memories are still fresh in my heart.

      How long do you think I should mourn him before one of these single ladies snatch his best friend from me.

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      How Do I Tell My Husband That Our Kids Are Not His Own?

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