July 29, 2021
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      I have been married to my wife for three years now. He was always loving. He paid for my education back then in the university and we got married as soon as I graduated.

      He was a very loving husband, he cared and dotted on me.

      But things changed when he lost his job. He’s been moody and depressed of late. There’s nothing I do right these days, he is always criticizing me when he is not shouting at me.

      He blames me for his bad luck and slaps me around the house. These past weeks, he has started beating me, I have marks around my body.

      My friends are suggesting I leave him but I have refused to leave him. He really tried for me in the good days. But the beating is much these days.

      Please Advice Me.

      How Long Should I Mourn My Husband Before I Start Dating Again?

      Dr Dorothy

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